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podium terraces

for mobil homes

The podium or half-podium staircase offers a modern perception of the wooden mobile home terrace. Without balustrades or closure, it allows direct and unobstructed access to your environment, with a design of clean lines.

Composed of steps with risers on all sides of the terrace and ranging from 3 to 9 meters in length up to 3 meters in depth, you can install this podium or half-podium staircase on all our terraces, whether classic or tailor-made.

Length3.00 to 9.00 (1.50m modules)

Depth2.50 or 3.00m (1.50m modules)

Coverage1.50 to 9.00m (1.50m modules)

Floor21 or 28mm (1.50m modules)

roof tarpaulins

View our range of tarpaulins for mobile home terraces signed Serge Ferrari.


Create the mobile home terrace to your image thanks to our different range of accessories.