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classic terraces

for mobil homes

La terrasse classique mobil-home se compose à l'origine d’un assemblage traditionnel de balustrades classiques, d’un escalier trois marches et d’une couverture standard avec bâche unie ou rayée.

However, it is quite possible for you to modernize it by personalizing it according to your tastes to give a specific identity to your outdoor accommodation.

Length3.00 to 9.00 (1.50m modules)

Depth2.50 or 3.00m (1.50m modules)

Coverage1.50 to 9.00m (1.50m modules)

Floor21 or 28mm (1.50m modules)

roof tarpaulins

Familiarize with our range of roof tarpaulins for mobile homes signed by Serge Ferrari.


Create the mobile home terrace to your image thanks to our different range of accessories.

3d editor

Have fun designing the mobile home terrace of your dreams in a few clicks.