about us

Mobile home manufacturer and outdoor facilities designer, Biscabois stand today as the French leader of open air accommodations. On February 2022, the enterprise directed by Christian Auvinet and composed of 46 employees will celebrate its 20 year anniversary.

From the sawmill to the mobile home terrace, there was only one step and the familiarity with the material to its transformation took place naturally. Located in Biscarrosse in the heart of the Landes, between forests, lakes and oceans, and with more than 180 campsites, Biscabois is part of the history open air accomodations because of its geographical location conducive to holidays and relaxation.

En quelques chiffres, Biscabois c’est 2874 campings clients en 2021, plus de 5000 terrasses mobil-homes posées et 13M€ de CA, plus de 7500m3 de bois livré, un vaste parc de stockage de 28000m2 et 300m2 de bureaux. C’est également 16 fourgons, 2 camions grues, 20 remorques, 4 chariots élévateurs télescopiques, 3 chariots électriques et 1 camion 32t avec chariot embarqué.

But Biscabois is above all a family history that has been built over time and the human dimension remains a priority since 80% of employees have joined the company in their first job. With a virtually non-existent turn-over and constantly changing hires, the average age of the team is 35 years and one can easily find friendly and kinship ties in each department of the company, between two coffee breaks.

46 employees represented by a team commercial field and sedentary, a technical service and after-sales service, a study and design office, a communication service, a management and accounting office, fleet managers and teams of assemblers travelling in France and Europe.

Campsites want to innovate, expand their spaces or reinvent them to give their establishment its own identity, and this depends on the comfort and originality of their outdoor facilities.

There are authentic campsites such as modern campsites and Biscabois offers a complete collection that meets both daily needs and aesthetic desires, ranging from the clasic mobil home terrace and customizable to a tailor-made mobile home terrace.

Indeed, Biscabois makes available for customers, a study and design office allowing their ideas to materialize around unique projects. Whether it is a mobile home terrace or even an outdoor development, Biscabois takes in charge the project from design to it's manufacture up to the installation, and reinvents the art of outdoor living.

For a few years now and to complete its offer, Biscabois has developed a subsidiary dedicated to the purchase and sale of second-hand mobile homes: Espace Mobil-homes. An activity that achieved great sales in 2021.

The Landes situated company has also developed a 3D editor that allows to create a personalized mobile home terraces: the choice of dimensions, accessories, options or the color of wood or canvas, customers can have fun designing a unique terraces thanks to this tool available on the website of Biscabois.

A pioneer in the field of open air occomodations, next season’s flagship product will be oriented towards eucalyptus floating wood-like terraces: mobile homes, pergolas or fences, etc.

And like every year, Biscabois will participate in trade fairs to present a stand that meets their bespoke requirements. We will therefore meet you in La Rochelle for the Salon Atlantica and Montpellier for Salon Sett.