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biscabois reinvents outdoor lifestyle

The wooden terrace for mobile homes is an essential complement for the mobile home: it offers an additional outdoor living space, intimate and comfortable at all seasons. The choices of mobile homes terraces variates according to desires and budgets: classic terrace, podium terrace, personalized terrace or tailor-made terrace, when you make your choice tell us about your project, we will accompany you starting from design to the installation.

The outdoor camping facilities also require a studied design to bring overall consistency with your rental spaces : aquatic areas, swimming pool terraces, pergolas, performance stages, games rooms, relaxation or dining spaces, etc. Our sales teams, our study departement and our on-site teams will advise you and provide you with efficient, technical and aesthetic solutions to enhance your outdoor establishment.

Chosing Biscabois, it is the assurance to work with the French leader in the manufacture of mobile-homes terraces and in the design of outdoor facilities for campsites and outdoor hotels. It is also the guarantee of working with a team of qualified professionals who work on many campsites in France and Europe.

mobil home terraces : the collection

Classic mobilhome terrace : composed of a 21 milimetres flooring, of classic balustrades, a 3 steps staircase and a standard cloth with plain or striped canvas, the classic mobil home terrace is considered the “traditional” of wooden terraces. The dimensions range from 3.00m to 9.00m in length and depth from 2.50m to 3.00m, giving it a relatively comfortable living space: the classic mobil home terrace has the advantage of authenticity at an optimized price.

Mobile home podium terrace : the mobile home podium terrace is a terrace without balustrade with a podium staircase on the edge of the terrace. With a totally unobstructed view of the environment, you can dress up your mobile home podium terrace with a blanket and a roof canvas on all or part of your terrace: the podium staircase thus offers a modern perception of the mobil home terrace.

Tailor-made mobile home terrace : Biscabois offers campsites and professionals of the outdoor hotel industry, an integrated study and design department that make real all your projects of mobil home terraces. You want to give your outdoor establishment a strong identity, create real neighbourhoods to differentiate you? Our designers will be able to advise and accompany you by offering aesthetic and comfortable solutions to best fit your space according to your geographical situation.

mobil home terrace


outdoor facilities : our services

BISCABOIS accompanies all the campsites in France and Europe in the realization of their exterior wooden fittings. Whether it be framings and wooden structures, siding, stage shows, wooden fences, wooden pergolas or pool terraces for wooden framed aquatic facilities, our study and design office offers adapted and relevant solutions to accompany campsites to stand out around warm and unforgettable decorations.

Wooden terraces for swimming pools and water facilities campsites : The aquatic areas that are integrated into the campsites remain a real criterion of selection determining for many holidaymakers. Indeed, whether with family or friends, relaxation and well-being are synonymous with feet in the water and a happy holiday. Investing in aquatic facilities is then an advantageous option for the outreach of your campsite.


You want to add accessories your classic wooden terrace for mobile home and give it a unique character? Let your creativity speak and compose the mobil home terrace that looks like you to pass, in a few accessories, from a traditional classic terrace for mobile home to a mobil home terrace customized to your image. Biscabois offers a wide collection of accessories to customize your classic mobile home terrace: coverings, privacy screen, balustrades, sliding doors, staircase classic or podium, gas tanks and wood and pvc shelters, benches made of wood as well as planters… You can also choose your options for completing your mobil home terrace : floor thickness, wood colour, underlay, handrails, access ramp for disabled persons (PRM ramp).

Coverage for mobil home terraces classic wood coverage, bamboo couverage clerestory coverage, sliding canvas cover, stretched canvas cover, palm cover or couverture rondins, choose the total or partial coverage of your mobil home terrace according to your tastes and needs and make your mobil home terrace, a soothing place passing shadows and lights.

Privacy screens for mobil home terraces : Panels or privacy screens are pine wood structures allowing, as the name suggests, to break the view to offer more privacy to your mobile home terrace. Clerestory privacy screens, full or openwork blinds, log priavcy screens or Soltis privacy screens, make your mobile home a warm and friendly place, in complete privacy.

Balustrades for mobil home terraces : balustrades are accessories for mobil home terraces with a height of 0.91m to delineate your outdoor space. There are so many styles of balustrades as many styles of privacy screen that you can marry or compose according to your taste : railings, clerestory balustrades full or openwork blinds balustrades, log balustrades or Soltis balustrades , customize your classic terrace in your image in a few accessories.

Sliding panels for terrace mobile home : sliding panels are rail-mounted privacy screens on all or part of the length of your mobil home terrace. These sliding panels allow you to manage shadows and lights simply, depending on your orientation. Clear sliding panels, solid or perforated sliding panels, log sliding panels or Soltis sliding panels, you have the choice of the composition.

Stairs for mobile homes terraces : a 3 steps staircase is included in your classic mobil home terrace. Depending on the length of your mobile home terrace, you can add an extra staircase to create a new access and why not opt for a podium staircase on the edge of your terrace for a totally clear view.

Gas boxes and wooden or PVC shelters for mobile home terraces : to hide your gas cylinders or to store your bicycles or to drop off any other beach accessories, think of wooden and pvc shelters and chests. This allows you to organize your stays safely.

Wooden benches for mobile home terraces : gain space and harmony by integrating custom wooden benches into your mobil home terrace. A tailor-made cushion option is also possible to enhance your mobil home wooden terrace.

Wooden planter for terrace mobile home : the little extra that makes all the difference: the jardinière en bois to decorate your mobil home terrace adding vegetation, whatever the season.

Sliding gate mobile-home terrace : the sliding gate allows you to simply close your wooden terrace . Fixed on a rail , you can then handle your entries and exits easily.


Ramp RMP for mobile home terrace : the RMP ramp is intended for people with reduced mobility. It allows a simplified access to the mobil home terrace or to outdoor spaces.

Mobile home terrace floors : the standard floor is delivered in 22mm thickness with dimensions of 95x28mm blades. However, it is quite possible to order a 28mm thick floor for more resistance.

Floor tint of the mobile home terrace : the wood of our original terraces comes in standard green color. However, you can opt for a brown wood stained directly in the class IV autoclave treatment for more cachet and contrast.

Mobile home terrace bases and mobile home bases : for a perfect finish of your mobil home terrace, you can opt for a base of your mobile home terrace and / or mobile home. The base being the detail that makes all the difference for a perfect finish.

Adjustable PVC studs : the adjustable PVC studs allow you to easily adjust and level the height of the anchor posts of your mobile home terrace. The adjustable studs are mobile-home terrace cushioning accessories.

Handrails for mobile home terrace stairs : add non-slip handrails on the stairs of your mobil home wooden terrace for greater safety.

voiles d'ombrage


Biscabois offers professionals and individuals a wide range of range of PVC tarpaulins and microperforated tarpaulins for mobile homes and outdoor installations. Covers and tarpaulins of roofs, cheeks and facades for mobile homes terraces or even shade sails to decorate your exterior, our collection Serge Ferrari will answer all your requests.

These high quality PVC and microperforated tarpaulins guarantee technical and aesthetic performance by adapting to all types of mobil home terraces, whether they are mobil home cloths / standard or modern shading canvaces, roof tarpaulins, shading canvaces, faces and facades. You can also choose from a range of screens and railings, set the tone, play with contrasts, stripes or plain and define the look you want to give your environment. Collection of canvases and tarpaulins Serge Ferrari.

Roof covers for mobile homes terraces : our range of tarpaulins and roof cloths for mobil home terraces is designed to last over time and protect from UV and weather. Choose the roof tarpaulinaccording to your tastes and opt for a solid or striped protective canvas.

Cheeks and facades for mobile homes terraces : integrating cheeks and facades to your mobile home terraces, is to enjoy your mobile home in all seasons in complete safety. Protected from the elements you will enjoy an additional living space while guaranteeing the durability of your mobil home terrace.

Shading canvases : the shade veil is an aesthetic solution to offer shade and color to your outdoor facilities. Choose the material you want and the colour you like and add style to your outdoor spaces. Camping et hôtellerie de plein air - HPA.

Canvas and tarpaulins for external facilities : the shading cloths or tarpaulins are important accessories for campsites and outdoor establishments. They provide weather and UV protection while protecting wood structures. Today, the ranges are varied and give you the opportunity to play on many colors: plain or striped, pastel or bright colors, the canvases Serge Ferrari are known for their resistance over time.

study and design

BISCABOIS offers outdoor hospitality professionals a study and design office to make your most beautiful projects a reality mobil home terraces andoutdoor facilities. If you do not find an answer to your needs in our catalogue, you can call on our study and design office which intervenes upstream of any project requiring technique and aesthetics. Our designers specialized in outdoor design will accompany you and offer you innovative and comfortable solutions that will enhance your spaces.

Ideas & needs

Do you need expert advice to build your outdoor space in a consistent and aesthetic way? Let us know the outline of your project : your ideas, your desires and your constraints. Your privileged contact Biscabois will call you as soon as possible to collect the information necessary for the development of an optimized, ergonomic and sustainable project.

Research & proposals

Your request will then be entrusted to our designers specialized in the field of outdoor facilities. Always aware of the latest trends related to the outdoor hotel industry, they will examine in detail the configuration of your campsite and build around your thoughts, an adapted plan that will meet both technical obligations and aesthetic choices while considering the environment on which your bespoke project.

A final project & an estimate

After consultation with the sales, design and assembly teams, a tailor-made proposal will be presented to your through a 3D plan, offering a concrete and realistic idea of the future project. This will be accompanied by an estimate including implementation, technical details, assembly and delivery times. Biscabois offers you 3D modeling. Installation and assembly which are mandatory services for all bespoke projects. Once the estimate has been validated, the project will be sent to production and the delivery date will be blocked on our schedule.




Biscabois delivers and mounts the mobil home terraces and outdoor facilities for private individuals and professionals in the outdoor hospitality industry throughout France and Europe.

• For mobile home terraces and mobile home accessories from our catalogue, a delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks is expected. In an emergency, our sales team can adapt to deliver the goods as quickly as possible. Two delivery options are available:
1. Either our carrier delivers you to the parking lot of your campsite and the unloading up to the parcel is carried out by you: you will then have to organize to manage the unloading and the transfer to your parcel.
2. Either we take charge of the entire delivery and we take care of the transfer of goods from the parking lot to your plot thanks to an elevator Biscabois. A delivery rate up till your plot erea will be then added to your order.

Concerning the assembly of the mobil home terraces and outdoor facilities issued out of our catalogue, you can eather mount your mobilhome terrace on our own using our monatge leaflet, or use our soecilized team. A mount and assambly rate will be then added to your order.

For mobil home terraces and tailor-made outdoor facilities created by our study and design office, a delivery time of 5 to 6 weeks is expected. In case of emergency, we will do our best to improve this delivery time. Mind that, the delivery and installation of mobile-homes terraces and custom-designed fittings designed by our study and design office are fully supported by Biscabois.


The ATLANTICA trade fair in La Rochelle and SETT in Montpellier are the essential meeting points for all outdoor hotel professionals.

For more than 10 years, BISCABOIS has been exhibiting its wooden terraces for mobile homes andoutdoor facilities for campsites. A life-size collection covering an area of more than 150m2 ranging from the classic mobile home terrace to the a tailor-made mobile home terrace : ideas, inspirations, innovations, projects, and much more…

Come meet the team Biscabois at the ATLANTICA fairs in La Rochelle and SETT in Montpellier and discover in preview, all the novelties of mobil home terraces andtailor-made outdoor facilities..

Rendez-vous au Salon Atlantica 2021 à La Rochelle les 12, 13 et 14 octobre 2021 et au Salon SETT à Montpellier les 2, 3 & 4 novembre 2021 et décrouvrez notre nouvelle collection de terrasses mobil-homes et d’aménagements extérieurs en bois de rondins, d’eucalyptus, de châtaignier, mais aussi nos nouveautés avec la tente OBA, la pergola en bois d’eucalyptus, nos accessoires terrasses mobil-homes nouvelle génération : toile coulissante, faux rideaux, soubassements terrasses mobil-homes et mobil-homes ou encore nos nouveaux plots réglables haute technologie... Restez connectés.